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Frequently Ask Questions

Why do I have to pay a one-time substantial amount for this product?

This one-time payment covers a variety of expenses associated with the product or online business formation, such as subscriptions, tools, talent fees, registration to suppliers, legal distribution agreements, and more. These costs are necessary to ensure the product's quality, availability, and legal compliance. By paying a substantial amount upfront, you are contributing to the overall investment required to bring this product to market.

Can I pay for this product in installment instead of a one-time payment?

Unfortunately, the payment structure for this product requires a one-time substantial amount. This is due to the various expenses and investments involved in its development and distribution. However, rest assured that the product's value is commensurate with the price, and you can expect a high-quality offering that meets your expectations.

However, we do understand that some clients want to pay in staggard basis due to some financial adjustments that is why we accept staggard payments split in two.

What advantages do I get from paying a one-time substantial amount for this product?

By paying a one-time substantial amount for this product, you are ensuring complete ownership and access to all its features and benefits. Unlike subscription models, where ongoing payments are required, this one-time payment grants you permanent access without any recurring charges. Additionally, the upfront investment enables continuous updates, improvements, and support for the product, ensuring its longevity and a seamless user experience.

Apart from the substantial one time payment fee are there any certain fees do I need to take care of on monthly basis?

None! except for the following

1. What are the hosting fees involved in maintaining an ecommerce business?

None! except for the necessary for keeping your website accessible to customers. Our full ecommerce package includes hosting fees, ensuring your website is up and running smoothly at all times.

2. Are there any additional fees for email and domain services in the ecommerce package?

- Answer: Yes, our ecommerce package includes professional email and domain services to enhance your online presence. These services are included in the package and no additional fees are required.

3. Could you please explain the marketplace fees mentioned for the ecommerce business?

- Answer: Marketplace fees refer to charges imposed by online marketplaces for listing your products, maintaining a store, and advertising. These fees vary among different marketplaces and are not included in our ecommerce package. It's important to consider these fees when budgeting for your ecommerce business.

What happens when a customer has purchased a poduct on my marketplace seller account?

1. How does the payment process work for customers who purchase products on my marketplace seller account?

- When a customer purchases a product on your marketplace seller account, the payment made by the buyer will be held by the marketplace platform.

- To fulfill the order, you will need to shell out the investment required for the product, which will be debited from your provided prepaid debit account.

- Once the tracking information shows that the product has been delivered to the buyer, the marketplace automates the process of releasing the payment to you, ensuring a guaranteed profit.

2. What happens if the buyer claims they did not receive the product even after the tracking information shows delivered?

- In case a buyer claims they did not receive the product despite the tracking information showing it has been delivered, it is important to review the shipping details and contact the shipping carrier for further assistance.

- If the issue persists and you are unable to resolve it with the buyer, you may need to reach out to the marketplace platform for guidance on resolving disputes and ensuring a fair outcome for all parties involved.

3. Can I withdraw the payments I receive from the marketplace platform immediately?

- The timing of withdrawals may vary depending on the specific policies and processes of the marketplace platform you are using.

- Generally, once the buyer's payment has been released to you after the product is delivered, you may be able to withdraw the funds to your provided prepaid debit account.

- It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the marketplace platform's terms and conditions regarding payment withdrawals to ensure a smooth process.

How will I know if the customers have received their orders?

1. How does the marketplace platform notify me when the customers have received their orders?

- The marketplace platform uses tracking information to determine if the buyer has received their order. Once the tracking information shows that the order has been delivered, the platform automatically releases the buyer's payment to you. You will receive a notification from the platform confirming the successful delivery and payment.

2. What happens if the tracking information does not show that the order has been delivered?

- In cases where the tracking information does not confirm the delivery of the order, the marketplace platform will hold the buyer's payment until the issue is resolved. You can reach out to the platform's customer support team to inquire about the status of the order and provide any necessary evidence of delivery. The platform will then review the information and decide on the appropriate course of action.

3. Is there a guarantee that I will receive profit once the buyer has paid?

- Yes, once the buyer's payment is released to you, the marketplace platform guarantees that you will receive your profit. This means that even if there are any issues or disputes raised by the buyer after payment, the platform will ensure that you still receive the full amount you are owed. However, it is important to adhere to the platform's policies and provide accurate tracking information to ensure a smooth transaction process.

How will I know if certain orders have been processed?

1. How can I track the progress of my order?

- We provide real-time updates on the status of your order. Once your order is processed, your assigned account manager will keep you informed throughout the entire fulfillment process. You can communicate with them directly to get updates or ask any questions about your order.

2. Will I receive a confirmation when my order is processed?

- Absolutely! As soon as your order is processed and being fulfilled, you will receive a confirmation email or notification from your account manager. This confirmation will include all the necessary details, such as the items ordered, expected delivery date, and any other relevant information.

3. What happens if there is an issue with my order during processing?

- In the rare event that there is an issue with your order during processing, our dedicated account managers will work diligently to resolve it promptly. They will notify you of any complications and provide alternative solutions or options if necessary. Our goal is to ensure that all orders are successfully processed and fulfilled to your satisfaction.

What will happen if certain orders are not received by the buyers?

1. What should we do if buyers do not receive their order?

If they do not receive their order, we encourage them to file an "item not received" claim on the marketplace platform they purchased from. This will allow them to request a refund and resolve the issue. However, please note that we provide tracking information for all orders, which helps us identify instances where customers may attempt to acquire a product for free while also receiving a refund. Such cases may not be favored by the marketplace platform.

2. Will buyers get a refund if their order is not received?

Yes, if they have not received their order, they can file an "item not received" claim on the marketplace platform. This will enable you to request a refund, and the platform will review their case. However, please be aware that we track all orders, and if fraudulent activity is suspected, the marketplace platform may favor sellers in these situations.

3. How can I ensure that I receive my order without any issues?

To ensure a smooth delivery process, we provide tracking information for all orders. This allows you to keep an eye on the progress of their package and be informed if there are any delays or issues during transit. If they encounter any problems, they must promptly communicate with the marketplace platform and provide any necessary information to resolve the situation and receive their order.

What is my role for this project?

None! You sit aroud and make money!

You simply allowed both of our end to make money. How? as a company we are only entitled to create one seller acount per marketplace also, allows us to scale our operations without having to shoulder the amount that is needed to fulfill the volume of orders.

What are the including fees that I have to cover to maintain the business?

1. What are the marketplace fees that I have to cover to maintain the business?

- The marketplace fees refer to the charges imposed by the platform where you sell your products or services. These fees are usually a percentage or a fixed amount of each transaction made through the platform. The specific rates may vary depending on the marketplace you choose to operate in.

2. What does the 50% share of business growth hacks entail?

- As part of our service, we provide business growth hacking methods and strategies to help your business thrive. For this, we request a 50% share of the revenue generated through the implementation of these growth tactics. This partnership ensures that we are aligned with your success and incentivizes us to deliver impactful results.

3. What are the Shopify subscription fees involved? (for full package ecommerce business only)

- To operate your business on Shopify, you will need to subscribe to one of their plans. The subscription fees depend on the plan you select, which can range from basic to advanced features. These fees cover various aspects such as hosting, security, and customer support provided by Shopify to facilitate the smooth running of your online store.

How do Business Growth Hacks process orders of the customers on my behalf?

Do I have to give out my bank information?

You need to have a prepaid debit that you will be using or that you can assign to this business that is not involved in any monthly charges or that no one has access to as for your protection and ours. This will allow us to easily track the processed orders, how much you spent for a specific week, and how much money came in for your earnings. We will fulfill the orders of your customers for our supplier partners and fulfillment centers using your assigned debit information.

1. How do I process orders for my customers using your service?

- To process orders for your customers, you will need to have a prepaid debit card that is either assigned solely to this business or is not involved in any monthly charges. This is for both the protection of your business and ours. By using this prepaid debit card, we can easily track the processed orders, monitor your weekly expenses, and calculate your earnings. We will handle the fulfillment of your customers' orders through our supplier partners and fulfillment centers using the debit card information you provide.

2. Can I use a debit card that is shared with other transactions or expenses?

- It is highly recommended to have a prepaid debit card that is solely dedicated to your business or that is not used for any other transactions or expenses. This is to ensure accurate tracking of your business's expenses and earnings. By having a separate card, we can easily differentiate the transactions related to your customers' orders and provide you with clear financial insights. Sharing a card with other transactions may result in complications and difficulties in accurately monitoring and managing your business's performance.

3. How will you use the debit card information I provide?

- The debit card information that you provide will only be used for the purpose of fulfilling your customers' orders through our supplier partners and fulfillment centers. We will not have any access to your funds or personal financial details. By using the provided debit card information, we can process payments to our suppliers and track the expenses incurred for each order. It is important to note that we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your information, and it will be handled with the utmost care and compliance with data protection regulations.

What happens if I don't make sales?

or generate enough revenue to cover the ongoing monthly maintenance?

1. What happens if I don't make sales?

If you don't make sales, we will work closely with you to identify the issue and implement strategies to increase your sales. Our team of experts will analyze your target audience, optimize your product visibility, and provide ongoing support to help you generate the revenue you need to cover the monthly maintenance costs.

2. How do you guarantee enough sales and revenue?

We have developed proven and tested methods that have helped numerous clients achieve their sales targets. Our approach includes strategic product positioning, targeted marketing campaigns, and continuous optimization based on market trends. Our aim is to ensure your products are visible to the right audience and to maximize your revenue potential.

3. If I conduct global business, will I still be able to generate enough sales?

Absolutely! The ecommerce industry provides global reach and potential customers from around the world. With our expertise and extensive network, we will help you reach your target market no matter where they are located. By leveraging the power of digital marketing and our tailored strategies, we are confident that you will be able to generate enough sales to cover your ongoing monthly maintenance costs.

1) How do I create a verified seller account on marketplace platforms like Amazon & eBay?

You need to have a prepaid debit that you will be using or that you can assign to this business that is not involved in any monthly charges or that no one has access to as for your protection and ours. This will allow us to easily track the processed orders, how much you spent for a specific week, and how much money came in for your earnings. We will fulfill the orders of your customers for our supplier partners and fulfillment centers using your assigned debit information.

How to create a verified seller acount on Amazon

How to create a verified seller account on eBay

How to create a seller etsy account

Do I need to have previous experience in online business to avail Ecommerce Online Business?

NO! you do not need to have any experience or even have a little knowledge for you to own an ecommerce online business and make money since we do everything on your behalf and we take 50% of the NET profit share.

Can I avail Ecommerce Online Business even if I don't have my own products & inventory to sell or dont have enough funds to invest?

1. Can I start an Ecommerce Online Business even if I don't have any products to sell?

Yes, you can! Our platform provides access to a network of global manufacturers, suppliers, and fulfillment centers who will handle the inventory and shipping for you. You can sell a wide range of in-demand products without the need to invest in or physically handle the products yourself.

2. How does it work if I don't have my own inventory?

When you join our Ecommerce Online Business program, you will have access to a wide selection of products from our partner manufacturers and suppliers. You can choose the products you want to sell, list them on your online store, and start promoting them to customers. Whenever a customer makes a purchase, our fulfillment centers will handle the packaging and shipping process on your behalf.

3. Is it a reliable option to rely on third-party manufacturers and suppliers for my online business?

Absolutely! We have carefully curated a network of trusted global manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that you receive quality products and reliable service. Our fulfillment centers are equipped to handle large volumes of orders efficiently, ensuring timely delivery to your customers. Rest assured, our system ensures a seamless and trustworthy experience for your Ecommerce Online Business, even without your own inventory.

How can we guarantee sales and revenue?

Having an Account Manager

1. How does the account manager ensure increased sales and revenue?

Our dedicated account manager utilizes various techniques such as product trend analysis and data trend analysis to identify potential opportunities for increased sales. They also stay up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and manipulate keywords accordingly to optimize your product's visibility. Additionally, we employ paid search ads and utilize CPC, CPS, and CPA methods to effectively drive conversions and boost revenue.

Selling highly in demand products

2. Can expanding my product's global availability really increase sales?

Yes, expanding the availability of your products globally significantly increases the likelihood of making more sales. By tapping into different markets and reaching a wider audience, you can attract new customers and generate more revenue. Our account manager helps devise strategies to successfully launch your products in new markets, taking into account cultural nuances and localized marketing techniques for optimal results.

Advertising methods & Search Engine Manipulation

3. How do paid search ads and CPC/CPS/CPA methods contribute to sales growth?

Paid search ads provide a targeted and efficient way of reaching potential customers who are actively searching for products or services similar to yours. By utilizing CPC (Cost Per Click), CPS (Cost per Sale), and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) methods, we ensure that your investment in advertising is directly tied to actual sales or desired actions from customers. This approach maximizes your return on investment and drives tangible revenue growth.

Withdrawal on Marketplace Platforms

1. How do I receive the payment from a customer when using dropshipping on marketplace platforms?

- When a customer purchases a product you are selling, the payment is debited from their credit/debit account. Marketplace platforms will hold that payment until you pay the supplier and ship the product to the customer. Once the product is delivered, the marketplace platforms will release the funds, which you can then withdraw directly to your bank account.

2. How long does it take for the marketplace platforms to release the funds after the product is delivered?

- The timeframe for releasing the funds varies depending on the marketplace platform. However, once the product shows as delivered on the tracking information, the marketplace platforms typically release the funds within a certain period of time. This timeframe can range from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the platform.

3. Can I withdraw the funds directly to my bank account?

- Yes, once the funds are released by the marketplace platforms, you can withdraw them directly to your bank account. This allows you to access the earnings from your dropshipping sales conveniently and securely. It is important to ensure that you have provided accurate and up-to-date banking information to the marketplace platforms to facilitate smooth withdrawals.

Withdrawal Directly On Your Website

1. How does the withdrawal process work on your website?

- When a buyer makes a purchase on your Shopify website, the Withdrawal Directly On Your Shopify Website feature allows you to instantly withdraw the funds from those purchases. You can choose to transfer the funds directly to your bank account, perform a wire transfer, or withdraw to your PayPal and e-wallet accounts.

2. Are there any limitations or restrictions on the withdrawal amount?

- There are no specific limitations or restrictions on the withdrawal amount. You have the flexibility to withdraw any amount based on your available funds from the purchases made on your Shopify website.

3. Is there a fee associated with the withdrawal process?

- Shopify may charge certain fees for the withdrawal process, depending on the chosen withdrawal method. Bank transfers and wire transfers may involve bank charges or fees, while withdrawals to PayPal or e-wallet accounts might be subject to payment processor fees. It is advisable to review the applicable charges and fees before proceeding with the withdrawal.